TechRITEPro / Rite-Sensor® Bundle w/ 4 sensors

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The TechRitePro is Bartec’s newest TPMS Tool innovation.

The TechRitePro is Bartec’s newest TPMS Tool innovation.

Engineered from the “ground up,” this brand new TPMS Tool was designed to offer technicians of all levels high powered functionality at an entry level price. The TechRITEPro also serves as a Rite-Sensor® programmer and includes the Bartec exclusive Rite-Sync® technology. Like its “big brother” the Tech600Pro, the TechRITEPro has an easy to learn graphical user interface and menu flow.

Included are more OBDII relearns, VINDicate®, and RITE-SYNC®. The advanced technology of the TechRITEPro provides for faster TPMS Service, flexibility in TPMS service and use, and greater coverage of TPMS sensor solutions. The TechRITEPro is FAST, ACCURATE, EASY and AFFORDABLE!

To insure the TechRITEPro stays current and up to date, tool registration through the TPMS Desktop is required. TPMS Desktop is Bartec’s free, downloadable application that assists in TPMS Service and Tool Management.
The TechRITEPro / Rite-Sensor Bundle includes the tool as described here, plus 20 Rite-Sensor® kits. The Rite-Sensor® kit includes BOTH the rubber and aluminum valve stem and has a suggested consumer price of $50 per kit. This bundle pays for itself!