Rite-Sensor® 315/433MHz Programmable TPMS Sensor w/two Valve Stems

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From the OE Factory to the local Tire Shop, Bartec products are the industry's best! It is Bartec's OE roots that helped us create our latest innovation, the RiteSensor®!

The RiteSensor® is Bartec's single SKU, multi-frequency programmable sensor. It offers 98% vehicle coverage while remaining easy to use. Simply program the sensor with one of the Bartec TPMS tools pictured below. The tool guides you through the process, step-by-step.

You can program the RiteSensor® before or after installation.


From the O.E. leaders in TPMS Service Solutions comes the very latest in TPMS Sensor Replacement Technology!

Bartec, building on our years of O.E. Automotive and TPMS Sensor experience, has created a new programmable sensor solution. RITE-SENSOR® is the first programmable solution that delivers a seamless, integrated programming process making the job of the technician easier, faster and more accurate!

  • Single SKU solution
  • Dual Frequency [315 & 433 MHz]Vehicle coverage always current
  • Programs in less than 3 seconds Rubber valve stem standard
  • Aluminum stem included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Bartec RITE-SENSOR® is the only programmable replacement sensor to feature RITE-SYNC®, the revolutionary new way to service TPMS!  RITE-SYNC® COMBINES sensor programming with the vehicle relearn step, creating a SINGLE, REPEATBLE, FASTER process and more satisfied customers!

  • Works exclusively on RITE-SENSOR®
  • Auto Determine Make-Model-Year using VINdicate®
  • ONE Simple Step - Program and Relearn
  • Works on Stationary, OBD and Autolearn vehicles